Abrams Took Convincing To Pick Quinto

Of all the casting announcements for the new Star Trek, the one that seems most obvious is the first one – Zachary Quinto as the new Spock. He is talented, a break-out star on a hit TV series (Heroes), has the right look, and was highly motivated to get the part. But apparently it wasn’t a slam dunk after all. In a new Hollywood Reporter article about Quinto moving up to a bigger agency, there was this tidbit:

When he did a work session for Spock with the “Trek” casting director in June, the response he received was that, after seeing his tape, Abrams “wasn’t convinced” he was right for the role and had to move on and see other actors. That changed a couple of weeks later when Quinto met with Abrams. Soon after that, he became the first actor cast in the movie.

It will be a good question to ask Abrams what it was that changed in that face to face. Maybe it was the eyebrows.

The change in agency for Quinto is evidence of his rising star in Hollywood, and the casting in the new Trek film is a big part of that. THR notes that he is following a ‘familiar Hollywood path of breakout actors’ moving to bigger agencies who can ‘offer expansion into new arenas including producing and endorsements.’ However it looks like Quinto’s next move will be a return to his theater roots with plans a stint on Broadway after Trek and during his Heroes hiatus.

source: trekmovie.com