Zachary Quinto is an American actor and producer. In the early 2000s, he guest starred in television series and appeared in a recurring role in the serial drama 24. Quinto portrayed series antagonist Sylar in the science fiction drama Heroes, and was cast as Spock on the Star Trek franchise. [read more]
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24 Oct, 2007

Zachary Quinto was a popular person to nab for questions at the recent Spike Scream awards. For the most part, the new Spock repeated his usual comments about being “excited” and “humbled” about the project and working with Nimoy. But MTV did get him to open up a bit more. Here is Quinto on younger Spock

I think there’s a distinction you need to make as an actor that you’re clear when and where you drop into that character. [Spock] evolved over a long period of time, so to pick that up and establish it at a time before you knew those characters is exciting. It allows me to discover some of the origins of these things.

Quinto also weighed on how some have questioned the comic actor Simon Pegg being cast as Scotty:

Simon Pegg in the movie ? that’s unreal! Scotty is a lighter character anyway, in terms of his perspective on things. Come on, [Pegg’s] a comic genius. I feel like I couldn’t be in better company.

Quinto on Eric Bana who is playing the villain

[Bana is] more of an accomplished actor than us. He’s been around longer, he’s done a lot of big movies. He’s the Hulk!” Quinto said. “So, you know, maybe you’ll see a little Spock/Hulk showdown!

Quinto said he had not yet been to the bridge of the Enterprise, but did have this to say about it:

I’ve seen drawings of [the rebuilt bridge], and the drawings alone gave me chills. I think it’s going to be a pretty remarkable experience.

There are also some videos on the page, which you can check out here.

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