Zachary Quinto Pursued by Talent Agencies

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Quinto has been pursued for the last few years by several leading representatives and has now signed on with United Talent Agency due to the level of support they have shown for him. UTA has had an interest in Quinto for quite a while and have been trying to woo him over as aggressively as possible.
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“Their interest and support of my work had been so strong, that it factored heavily into my decision,” Quinto said. “I found them to be the most excited, enthusiastic and consistent in their pursuit.”

Quinto was previously represented by SMS Talent, who managed to find him work on �So Notorious,� �24� and, of course, �Heroes.� But despite leaving them behind, the actor has expressed nothing but appreciation for everything they done for him.

“I feel like the nature of the business is such that things are constricted so much, and I feel switching was a necessity,” he said. “But I gave it a tremendous amount of thought and have nothing but respect and gratitude for the work [SMS] did for me.”

“Heroes” can be seen each Monday night at 9 on NBC.