Chris Pine Says New Star Trek Cast is Signed for 3 Picture Deal

Screen Rant posted their in-depth review of the 20 minutes of new Star Trek movie footage previewed for the press on the Paramount lot in LA early this week, plus brief interviews with stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. Here are excerpts.

SR: So what did you think of the new footage?

Chris Pine: I’m still shaking. That [footage] was fantastic! Those special effects look great!

SR: do you think they’ll keep the music that was just used?

Chris Pine: I hope so. It was pretty good, wasn’t it?

SR: How does it feel to take on the role of Kirk?

Chris Pine: Challenging.

SR: So are you signed up for more?

Chris Pine: It’s a standard three picture deal. But it depends on how well this one does, if there’ll be more.

The full report can be found at Screen Rant (beware of major spoilers)