Chris and Zach Talk Star Trek Sequels, Conventions and More

OF-the previous star trek franchises and all its different arms have very involved fan bases with the conventions and things like that. How do you guys feel personally about part of it and what expectations do you have of that going onto the future.

ZQ-I have actually done a couple of conventions and it a natural progression because there is conventions that go on the work I’ve done with Heroes in the states. I think I’ve done 3 convention and 2 of them with Leonard and for me that was great. People were cool. It was really fun to have him by my side which was all the more enjoyable. My goal as an actor is to really diversify my career now. This and heroes have put me in a position to really be able to do some other stuff as well. But I am sure that over the years we’ll hang out and do some conventions Chris.

CP- Sure thing Zach…yeah I feel that the closest I have come is wonder con in San Francisco. maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago and….

ZQ- Nothing like a Star Trek convention.

CP-Yeah …I am absolutely willing to do it and I think this again in talking about the community of the star trek fans. It’s a unique experience this world and all of us realize how important it is to continue that connection and foster that relationship and grow a hopefully new generation of fans but like Zach I am an actor who craves diversity in as mush as I love playing James Kirk I am sure I’ll love playing and exploring different roles and characters as well.

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