Zachary Quinto is an American actor and producer. In the early 2000s, he guest starred in television series and appeared in a recurring role in the serial drama 24. Quinto portrayed series antagonist Sylar in the science fiction drama Heroes, and was cast as Spock on the Star Trek franchise. [read more]
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28 Apr, 2009

Greg Beeman announced on his blog tonight that he’s leaving Heroes. He posts a farewell to all actors, and also the crew.

This is what he said about Zach:

I’d like to start with Zachary Quinto. Because I didn’t do the pilot I didn’t have influence over hiring the rest of the series regulars. But I was there, directing Zach at his first audition. It was an incredible, showstopping, performance. It was immediately evident that his range was phenomenal and I knew then and there we had something special. Zach is a true artist and I feel a deep affection for him. He is also a great person and a very giving actor to his fellow actors, to the crew and to the show. What’s especially amazing is that, as great as he is, I know how much he can still develop into the power of his craft. Beyond a doubt, I know that he will go on to greatness – because not only does he have the talent to achieve this he has the will, and I have immense respect for this quality within him.

On Set pictures from his blog to the last Heroes episode. Of course, be aware if you haven’t see the episode yet, because it have spoilers.

I wish you luck, Mr Beeman, in your next projects. We’ll miss your Heroes pictures.

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