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21 Apr, 2009

This would be added in the previous post, but I decided to make another post just for this updates.

The german website did a GREAT coverage about the German premiere (the best for now, IMO), and I added some goodies they made available in the site. Added 39 HQ pictures of Zach in the photocall and signing autographs outside the theater (credits and copyrights remains intact), and also captures (in HIGH quality) of a video available which covers the whole event, since the arriving until the presentation before the movie starts. I’m still splitting the movie to add here, since is too big, but it will be online soon.

Edit: As promised, the videos are up on our video archive. It takes me a little time to split the video into parts, but the most important ones are now online: The Press Conference, the Blue Carpet and the Movie Presentation. Enjoy it!

View more: Press Conference | Film Presentation

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