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On another great review, Zach’s job is, one more time, praised.

But in film, as with everything, it’s less what you do than how you do it, and Star Trek carries itself with immense style and heart. It benefits greatly, too, from a cast that reads like a virtual who’s who of up-and-coming screen talent. Besides Pegg, Saldana, and Pine (the latter solid rather than stunning), there’s also Harold and Kumar’s Jon Cho (as Sulu), Bourne Supremacy hitman Karl Urban (“Bones”) and, above all, Heroes villain Zachary Quinto, the straight-sets star of the movie. His Spock – who’d have thought it? – is fascinating: credibly cerebral, physically volatile, with seething undercurrents of rage. His villainous Heroes association does him no harm, but this is a rich and very different performance for which he deserves great credit.

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This one gave a rating 8/10.

Quinto is Spock and a revelation in a role a galaxy apart from his Heroes villainy while Urban superbly channels DeForest Kelley as Bones and late arrival Pegg gives the climax some comic legs.

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