“So NoTORIous” screencaptures

Continue with my screencaptures mode, I added caps of 2006 VH1 Sitcom “So NoTORIous”, starred by Tori Spelling. Zach plays Sasan, her best friend.

• So NoTORIous – 1×06 Cursed Screencaptures
• So NoTORIous – 1×07 Soulful Screencaptures
• So NoTORIous – 1×08 – Relaxed Screencaptures
• So NoTORIous – 1×09 – Cheritable Screencaptures

A plea for help: This Sitcom has 10 episodes, but I just can find nine of it. I really appreciate any kind of help to find the “lost episode”, named “Canadian“. If you have it, please, email me here. Thank you SO much!

  • Lynae

    Just wondering if you’ll be posting the videos of So NoTORIous at some stage. :) I live in Australia and it not being released here anytime soon.

  • Luciana

    Lynae, I will. I’m installing a new video system, and all new videos will be posted there, including So NoTORIous bloppers.