Spock Talk: 9 Qs With Quinto and Nimoy

Were you happy with Zach’s take on the character?
Nimoy: I think that he made some choices that I thought were wonderful surprises to me, in playing the Spock that he played in this film. We did not talk about specifics, like, “Do this” or “Don’t do that.” We had very general conversations about the philosophy of the character, the psychology of the character, the philosophy of Star Trek, the fans’ reactions to various aspects of Star Trek. But, there were no specific instructions; there was no need for that, there was no call for that. But watching him in the film, I’m very proud of what he did. I loved the idea that he is doing the character, that he did it so well. And I think we have book-ended the character; he has created a Spock that comes before the Spock that I portrayed in the series, and I’m playing a Spock that comes much, much later and much more resolved. And is, I think, much closer to who I actually am today.

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