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End of Show: JJ Abrams’ Star Trek Dazzles and Delights
Zachary Quinto as Spock is a piece of genius casting, which seems to have been destined since he looks so comfortable in the role. His Spock is conflicted, at times childlike but also overburdened with cultural responsibility.
[spoiler]Some of the most touching moments in the film are his wide-eyed embraces with Uhura, their unannounced relationship being one of the welcome surprises which JJ Abrams brings to the franchise. Quinto basically gets to play a leading man showreel of romance, humour, drama and action but one slight hitch is that he’s too good. His Spock is so likeable that even in the moments where the audience is supposed to view him as officious and immovable we’re silently cheering him on, which leads to a bit of an anti-climax when Spock is goaded into relieving his command and allowing Kirk to become Captain of the Enterprise. Quinto is the star of the film, there can be no argument about that, and his embodiment of that iconic role pulls the audience along with the rapid plot – he anchors us to the story and makes us care about the future of the crew.[/spoiler] Read here the full review, major spoilers alert!

Variety: “Star Trek” rockets along like a beautifully engineered vehicle you can’t help but admire for its design and performance.
Quinto makes for a very good young Spock, a man trying to define and perfect the kind of man he wants to be.
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Hollywood Reporter: J.J. Abrams gives the Starship Enterprise all it’s got, and it’s more than enough.
Quinto (from NBC’s “Heroes”) is an uncanny Spock and holds his own even when confronted by the original in the form of Leonard Nimoy.
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