Star Trek UK Review has published a Star Trek review, which I will post just the Zach related excerpts. But it worth go to the site and read the full review, of course, if you want to read some mid-spoilers.

Pine and Quinto are superb as Kirk and Spock.
It is these differences between Spock and Kirk, and their complex relationship, that is at the heart of all that is best with Star Trek. Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner’s portrayals of the series’ most iconic characters are burnt into our collective consciousness, so for the writers, and the actors playing them, presenting them in a fresh way that avoided caricature would always be extremely difficult.

[spoiler]Yet scriptwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, and of course Pine and Quinto who play the duo, succeed brilliantly in this aim and give the movie (and hopefully the ensuing franchise) its heart and soul. The pair are just perfectly cast. Pine looks and sounds nothing like Shatner, but gets right to the essence of Kirk’s character with his combination of rough-shod charm and cocky arrogance. The actor looks like just another product of Hollywood’s bland pretty-boy conveyor belt, but actually proves extremely charismatic and nails the part.

Quinto — most famous, of course, as Sylar from Heroes — is even better. The film truly revolves around him, with his thoughtful performance effortlessly conveying the dichotomy that makes Spock so interesting: his infuriatingly logical surface persona that hides a barely suppressed well of emotion. When Spock and Kirk, who loath each other for most of the film, are together onscreen the film comes alive.

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