Star Trek World Premiere in Sydney

The event are still going, but the first images started to popping in.

Post updated with HQ and MQ pictures, with more to come.

• Appearances: Star Trek World Premiere (Australia) – April 07

Also, together with the pictures, the first reviews started to appears. Spoiler alert!

Neil Miller: Also solid in his role is Zachary Quinto as the young Mr. Spock. It is hard to think that anyone could step in and play Spock instead of Leonard Nimoy and even harder to imagine that it could be done alongside Leonard Nimoy, which as you know is the case in this film, but Quinto works. [spoiler]He fights history well, making Spock Spocky enough to keep us from being reminded of Sylar from Heroes, if that makes sense. Also, it is worth noting that there is a lot more time dedicated to Spock’s humanity in this film. In fact, it is really one of the over-arching themes of the film. From my perspective, Spock is a slightly different character than what I’ve seen before, especially in his relationship with Uhura, and while it fits well into the context of this story, it feels very different.

Aintitcool: Zachary Quinto as Spock. There’s one problem with Quinto, and it’s
not his fault– the voice. Nimoy’s voice is so distinctive and so
very much Spock, and even though Quinto is able to match the pacing
and cadences, he’s just genetically incapable of fully realizing the
character. That said, he does as good a job anyone other than Leonard
Nimoy can be expected to do. The script plays a great deal with
Spock’s duality and Quinto really nails it, especially the part where
he rages out.

Cole Abaius: As far as performances go, Chris Pine is outstanding. He’s the embodiment of a conflicted soul, transcending the cliche of the troubled rebel with a greater destiny. His delivery manages to give depth while maintaining the cocky veneer. Zachary Quinto is brilliant – creating an emotionless man without being robotic, using nuances to hint at something far more dynamic lurking just below his stark delivery. Their chemistry is worth the ticket price alone.