Touched by an Angel

Continue the work on get all information regarding Zach’s past work, I added to the gallery captures of one the first Zach’s roles, in the show “Touched by an Angel” aired in 2001. Since this wasn’t released in DVD, the video quality isn’t high quallity (thanks to Snooglyshnork for making it available!), but it worth for archive purposes.

You can watch this episode on youtube: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3.

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• Guest Appearance: Touched by an Angel (2001)

  • So young! :P

  • ShinyThings

    You know, I kept thinking ‘what is it about his early work that makes him look so much different than he does now?’

    I finally know what it is – I think he used to get his eyebrows waxed. I mean I’m sure he trims the hedges these days but if you look at these pics (especially that first one where his face is in profile) you can tell that the shape of his eyebrow is totally different.

    Thank goodness he’s gone au naturale since then.