Star Trek review from Brazil

As you may (or may not) know, I’m from Brazil. Our press hasn’t access to the movie yet, but the site Omelete (a good site about cinema) has published a review this week. They sent a collaborator to Paris, so here’s the excerpt where she talks about Zach/Spock (no spoiler!)

Board diary. Paris. Star Trek. Cetic session reserved for the European press and a round of exclusive interviews. And in middle of this, it’s me. Double outsider, Brazilian and completely out of the trekker world. (…)

Zachary Quinto – A Spock wasn’t ever enough
To start, something off-topic: in the hotel’s lounge where the interviews took place I came to two French assistants and said “Am I the only one who thinks that Zachary Quinto is hot?!” and then, they reply “I think yes!”. Imagine me, looking to them, and thinking “Wow, male French market must be really high, for this two leave Spock without thinking about…”

Back to Star Trek… J. J. and his crew made the right thing to invest in the Spock’s history, the high point of the film because his history it is much more interesting than Kirk’s. C’mon, he’s half human, half Vulcan. And that hi-five Vulcan is brilliant! I almost said hi to Zach like this: \\// !

The guy does very well the duality of the character, some coldness that adding a thrilling, strong emotion printed in his eyes. The make up and costumes are also totally faithful to original. And another confession: ever never having followed the history, watch Leonard Nimoy as old Spock was touching. I’m glad he accepted to make the role.

(…) As would say Spock, “Peace and long life.”\\//

I am SO glad and SO proud for all positive reviews I’m reading about Zach’s performance! Can’t wait to see by myself!