Zach on May’s Playboy


Zach is featured in the “20Q” section of May’s PlayBoy magazine. I added a little excerpt of the interview, the full one are on the way. Thanks Jared Albert at Playboy for the heads up, also thatjamiegirl for the pictures. This issue is available on newsstands and online at today, April 17).
Update: Thanks to milkandmolasses, the actual interview is now available to read!

“I was in New York recently, in the audience at a few Broadway shows, and I really wanted to bust out the nerve pinch on some people around me, just to put them to sleep and shut them up,” admits Zachary Quinto on Spock’s ability to deploy the neck nerve pinch. “As an actor who comes from the theater, I realized I might have inflated ideas of who we do theater for. The disregard brought my delusions of grandeur crashing down. I take theater seriously, and I was fascinated and repulsed at people’s casual, cavalier attitudes and behaviors in the audience. Opening candy packages, screaming and talking in the middle of the show—it was really alarming. I was galled by the nerve.”
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