24 and So NoTORIous goodies

The awesome Jen has capped the 3rd season of 24 for us, and sent in HUGE captures to fill our gallery. Also, thanks to milkandmolasses, we have captures of 10th episode of So NoTORIous.

Speaking about the show, I’m working now in uploading Zach’s clips as Sasan. I’m sure you’ll love it, since Zach is GREAT doing comedy. The first 3 clips, related to 1st episode, “Plucky”, are now up in the video archive.

  • Fernanda

    Yuhooooooo!!!! Finally!!!!!

  • Nat

    Thanks alot for the caps!! It’s been impossible for me to find the Canadian episode of So NoTORIous.. I was just wondering if it’d be at ALL possible for someone to upload it somewhere? I’d appreciate it so much!!

  • yogi

    omg…thanx so much…and yes
    please do upload the ep 10 ‘Canadian’
    seriously i can’t find it anywhere
    it’s like it doesn’t even exist T_T

  • Luciana

    I will Yogi, this weekend. 🙂

  • Sabrina

    Um hey so who has the 10th episode of ‘So NoTORIous”, and how can I watch it?? I bought all 9 episodes on iTunes but they don’t have the 10th so I’m very irritated. I want moar! lol.

  • cz

    it’s on the DVD set, which you can get on amazon.com and various other places. it’s a good episode, for some reason didn’t air with the others.