Gallery update – 1st round

Hello lovelies!
After a while without updating, let’s restart with some eye-candy. :heart:

Updated the 2009 Public Appearances with more HQ untagged pictures in various events.

2009 Public Appearances: Latest Uploads

Also, added new photoshoots (thanks to Deko) and scans of June’s German GQ.

Gallery Links
• Magazines » 2009: GQ German, June 2009
• Photoshoots: Session 29 *updated!
• Photoshoots: Session 036
• Photoshoots: Session 037

  • ZachROCKS

    Hi there, loooove the site, Zach is a genius! And HOT! *G*
    I’m so gonna go out and buy the GQ mag (I’m from Germany^^) On the German GQ website is a vid of Zach’s photoshoot, he is just gorgeous! Check it out:

  • Welcome back Luciana! Gorgeous new images!!

  • Hi Luciana! This update makes me feel that you feel better and I’m so happy about that! Really! I love all this new photoshoots! <3 Zach is awesome! :P

  • Djen

    OMG!! My day was already GOOD but you made it a lot better with these new pics of Zach….THEY”RE GORGEOUS!!!!!!! ( Duh?! Zach is GORGEOUS!!!!) :hearts: Is it hot in here or what??!!
    Keep up the good work!!!!! Love it!!!!