High School pictures. And videos.

I added to video archive five new videos. A MTV special, divided in 4 videos, with interviews and scenes of Star Trek. I’ll try to cap it later, because the video quality isn’t that good. Also, there’s an interview on KDKA.com, (KDKA is a Pittsburgh radio station) with review, movie scenes, and interviews. Also, on KDKA website I found some Zach’s high school pictures, from his yearbook and some plays he did.

To view the videos, as always, click in the thumbnails below:

  • thanks for those…i posted them on twitpic, but i gave credit!! he was soo cute in high school! also, you shuld get a twitter…lol!

  • emma

    ah!! he was so ugly in high school! but he’s cute now…. maybe i should be nice to all the ugly kids in my school! haha no im not mean jkjkjk

  • Frank

    ^ He was NOT ugly in high school. Seriously, get over yourself.

  • evette santiago

    you dont know me but i study you and i love your work your the best actor ever <3 and i bet you looked hot in highschool like you do now