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Added a few recent online interviews, with more to come, just need some time to sort, and insert here all of it. – Zachary Quinto Isn’t Taking ‘Star Trek’ For Granted
Parade – Zachary Quinto’s ‘Spock’ Eyebrow Agony
Sci-Fi Wire – Trek’s Zachary Quinto dishes Spock’s future and deleted scenes

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TrekMovie: Let’s assume a sequel happens, as an actor, what would you to do and see with the character?

Quinto: Ultimately I really have such implicit trust with the creative team of this movie, and would hopefully be the same creative team for the next movie and I know Bob [Orci] and Alex [Kurtzman] and Damon [Lindelof] are going to write the next one if we do one — it is hard for me to say. They have taken us in some really great directions and they set us up to have some really great adventures, and I think exploring the relationships among the crew. I would be really interested to see what happens with Uhura and Spock, if anything. But ultimately my job is to go where they take me. And to the extent that they are interested in my input I am happy to give it, but I haven’t been really asked by them so I feel sort of presumptuous. Read more…