New photoshoot.

To-die-for photoshoot done by Tyler Shields for his new book “The Dark Side of Glamour”

Photoshoots: Session 038

Tyler Shields Photoshoot: HQ Screencaptures | Watch video

Thanks Shannon and Mikaela for the heads up and andreas for the hd video. :couple:

  • Abigail


  • Luciana

    Yeah, I know…

  • ZachROCKS

    OMG :sexy: OMG

  • Luciana


    I know. @@

  • frank

    TYLER SHIELDS IS THE BEST! This is the best I have ever seen Zach…

  • Lynae

    this need to pasted on to as many people as possible, it will rule the world in 24 hrs.

    God i need sleep :sexy: :hearts: @@ :P :P :love: :heart: @@

  • Eric

    I want him to breathe deeply and then look at me like that with his chest heaving.

  • Jackie

    Sooo sexy. *drools* I guess we all know what to do now when we see Zach….throw milk at him. hehe :D

  • Djen

    OMG I REALLY LOVE THIS SITE!!!! Almost every day new pics of Mr Hottttnessss!!!

    Keep up the good work Luciana!!!! I’m an addict!!!!!!!!!!!!