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I added two more articles, one thanks to lynaem_88, which typed it from Australian TV Week.

TV Week Australia: Boldly Going Backwards
NZ Herald: Beam Up the New Spock

Zach is currently in Tokyo, for Star Trek premiere there. I don’t know the events dates, so let’s wait. I’ll post more info as soon I have it.

  • Masumi

    I went startrek japan premire today(5/12)!
    Place : Shinjuku Cine City / Tokyo / Japan
    Redcarpet : 7:00~8:30???
    Stage greeting : 9:00~???

    Zhang Ziyi,Startrek Cast,Japanese actor,Japanese actress,Japanese model,Japanese musican etc

    Zach was really sweet,and other cast was sweet too!
    Cast(Zach,Chris,Eric , and JJ) autographed my photos.
    and Zach and Eric took a photo with me^^
    I cant believe!!!!


  • Lynae

    would you like the picture that go with this. I can email them to you.

  • Keax

    HAHA. I want to be in Tokyo at the premiere to soak in the great buzz of excitement!