Star Trek Sets Phasers To Ton Of Money

Star Trek looks likely to live long and profit massively, as moviegoers across the planet flocked to see J.J. Abrams’ vibrant reimagining of the franchise on its opening weekend.

Star Trek racked up a more-than-impressive $106 million worldwide in its opening weekend, including $35.5 million outside the US. Paramount seems to have hit the jackpot, with everyone from sceptical Trekkers to sci-fi newcomers (not to mention an army of cynical critics) finding something to love in Abrams’ kaleidoscopic sci-fic.

Unsurprising, Abrams is a very popular man at the studio. “J.J. did everything we could have asked for in re-energizing this franchise and making a fantastic movie for everyone,” said vice chairman Rob Moore, presumably while lighting a cigar the size of a photon torpedo.

Meanwhile Wolverine, which made an even more mahoosive opening last weekend, fell away dramatically in the face of Kirk and his fresh-faced crew, dropping 60% in its second weekend. Hugh Jackman’s sharp-clawed superhero can still reflect proudly on cumulatives that stand at $253.3 million – in spite of the leaked viral Wolvie that hit the web shortly before its opening.

Star Trek sequel, here we go! :roll: