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06 May, 2009

This is fun. According to this video, the Trekkies are bashing the new movie, because “it’s fun and watchable”. This can’t be serious, I really hope it’s a goofy, because… well, bashing a movie for not being nerd enough? C’mon. @@

In other side, once again Rotten Tomattoes has 100% of fresh reviews. 32 fresh reviews, average 8/10.

Variety: Blasting onto the screen at warp speed and remaining there for two hours, the new and improved Star Trek will transport fans to sci-fi nirvana.

It’s friday night already? Can’t wait anymore…

7 Comments on “Trekkies bash new “Star Trek” film

  1. Keax

    I caught Star Trek a couple of days ago at the gala premiere in Singapore. As a non-Trekkie, I must say that the film was surprisingly entertaining, exciting and comprehensible. I think that surely marks a decent movie if people understand it without knowledge of the series. (:

    And Zachary Quinto is quite wonderful in it, of course.

  2. Sarah

    Actually, the Onion is a satire site, LOL. Those aren’t real newscasts, those are actors. They’re actually just making fun of Trekkers.

  3. Sara

    The Onion is a fake news website that posts comedy stories.
    No worries there.

  4. Lynae

    the movies really good i saw it on monday :) and i’ll be seeing it on again on friday and tuesday. your going to love it. :hearts: :yup:

  5. Aimee

    I’ve seen the movie @the Los Angeles premiere. It’s rly funny.. just not Star Trek how ppl are used to it. Star Trek didn’t use to be funny.. But it’s still a great new Sci-fi-Movie. But i can understand why the hardcore-fans don’t like it.

    I loved it tho :) And you all should watch it

  6. Bela

    I am going to watch it tomorrow afternoon……. and I’m really looking forward to

  7. Heather

    So dissapointing to hear that it’s exciting and the acting is good. I am still going to watch it on Friday despite all the amazing CGI and that dreaded actor Zachary Quinto (Heavy Sarcasm)

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