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08 May, 2009

I’m gonna out to watch “Star Trek”. Here in Brazil is opening today, and I’ll catch the 1st theater’s session near of my home.

And since some of you saw the movie, I know you maybe have your own impressions about it. I’ll be glad if you share it with us. So, use this post to make it, please. This is a way for us to read what you have to say about the movie, and to avoid other visitors to read unwanted spoilers. This post will be linked in the sidebar, so every visitor can, maybe, read what do you think about the movie.

If you don’t want to share your impressions about the whole movie, say a word about what do you think on Zach’s performance. Let’s discuss it. ;)

See you in a few hours.

Edit I’m back. And, holy shit, the movie is amazing!
[spoiler]Need to say first that watching the movie I laughed, I cried, I cheered. An amazing movie, that even non sci-fi fans can watch and enjoy it. JJ Abrams and whole crew really did an amazing movie, that made everybody in the room applauded in.

Can’t find words to say how good Zachary is as Spock. An amazing performance, you can feel his emotions even when he try to hide it (because vulcans are moved by logic). Zach owned the movie. And I wasn’t the only one who think the same, and c’mon, not everybody in that room was a Mr. Quinto fan. :xx:

Spock and Uhura are hot together, great chemistry! Need to see this again in the sequels.

And everybody is talking about Spock and Kirk (total love by Kirk!), but there’s great scenes between Spock and Bones. Great lines!
Simon made a hilarious Scotty.
My beloved Winona… So pretty, even in a few scenes she can be remarkable. Glad to see you back in a great movie. :(
I cheered when Nimoy came on screen. Everybody did.

The whole cast is amazing. From Chris to Yelchin, is pure entertainment, for Trekkies and newbies.

The hardest part now is wait for the sequel. I even cannot wait for the DVD… [/spoiler]

74 Comments on “You’ll Experience Fear… tonight!

  1. Livia Dai

    I think Zachary has done a very impressive job! This is my first time watching Star trek, and I’m totally amazed by it.By the way, I do like Spock!

  2. Miranda

    Hi!! I just have watched it once but… I’m eager to watch it again!! :D
    The special effects are simply awesome!! I loved the music, it’s beautiful.
    And what to say about the story itself! A worthy reborn of the original series, and I dare to say, the other movies.
    I liked the new actors, (specially Zachary ;D), every one of them gives it’s character a personality of it’s own. God, I’m recommending it to all my friends!!!

  3. Marcia Palmer

    Where to begin? The entire crew and supporting actors were perfectly cast. The story line flowed, you cared about ALL of the characters, the comedy was dead on and the ending left you drooling on the floor for more. I do not watch much TV, so the character of Sylar was unknown to me, but the accolades that need to be bestowed on Mr. Quinto are countless. As a ST fan from my childhood in the 70’s, I believe transitioning the iconic character of Mr. Spock onto a new actor has a much heavier burden of responsibility than any other ST member. Honestly, I had to see this movie again immediately following my first showing just to take in how flawlessly Mr. Quinto nailed it. My favorite scene: Kirk slapping Spock on the arm and his response…fell out of my chair – twice – so far. The lead up was completely false. This movie was about Spock, plain and simple. Kudos to you Zachery Quinto, I look forward to seeing much more of your work in the near future. Have a nice day. :)

  4. Emma

    Star Trek was awesome! I’ve seen some old Star Trek movies before I saw the new one because otherwise I wouldn’t have known anything about it.. and the new Star Trek movie is so much better. I watched it only because of Zach, but it was so good, that even if he wouldn’t have been in it, I still would’ve watched it.
    But anyway, Zach did an amazing job! He really proved that he’s the best actor ever. And I must say that Chris Pine was really really good too.
    And I loved that they used Beastie Boys song “Sabotage” in it, that was so cool.

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