You’ll Experience Fear… tonight!

I’m gonna out to watch “Star Trek”. Here in Brazil is opening today, and I’ll catch the 1st theater’s session near of my home.

And since some of you saw the movie, I know you maybe have your own impressions about it. I’ll be glad if you share it with us. So, use this post to make it, please. This is a way for us to read what you have to say about the movie, and to avoid other visitors to read unwanted spoilers. This post will be linked in the sidebar, so every visitor can, maybe, read what do you think about the movie.

If you don’t want to share your impressions about the whole movie, say a word about what do you think on Zach’s performance. Let’s discuss it. ;)

See you in a few hours.

Edit I’m back. And, holy shit, the movie is amazing!
[spoiler]Need to say first that watching the movie I laughed, I cried, I cheered. An amazing movie, that even non sci-fi fans can watch and enjoy it. JJ Abrams and whole crew really did an amazing movie, that made everybody in the room applauded in.

Can’t find words to say how good Zachary is as Spock. An amazing performance, you can feel his emotions even when he try to hide it (because vulcans are moved by logic). Zach owned the movie. And I wasn’t the only one who think the same, and c’mon, not everybody in that room was a Mr. Quinto fan. :xx:

Spock and Uhura are hot together, great chemistry! Need to see this again in the sequels.

And everybody is talking about Spock and Kirk (total love by Kirk!), but there’s great scenes between Spock and Bones. Great lines!
Simon made a hilarious Scotty.
My beloved Winona… So pretty, even in a few scenes she can be remarkable. Glad to see you back in a great movie. :(
I cheered when Nimoy came on screen. Everybody did.

The whole cast is amazing. From Chris to Yelchin, is pure entertainment, for Trekkies and newbies.

The hardest part now is wait for the sequel. I even cannot wait for the DVD… [/spoiler]


    I’m a young 47 and grew up with “Star Trek” as my favorite show. I am telling you young man ; you pulled it off perfectly!!! Zachary, please do us a favor; if you get offered for a sequel to this, PLEASE do it again!! You are SPOCK!! I enjoyed the movie soo much. I truly hope there will be a second and third STAR TREK. Live long and prosper

  • Alamo

    Speaking from a non Star Trek fan point of view, this movie ROCKED!!! Well done Mr. Quinto,well done.

  • kathy

    Watched it on saturday, 16th!!!!!!!!!!! Since I love ZACH soooooooooooooooo much.
    all the actors did a really great job, especially Mr. Spock^^^^.
    I will watch it two times again!!! its theh best actionmovie which i`ve seen this year!!! its really amazing. Its about real action, friendsship, love and destiny!!!
    I cant tell how I feel when i see the sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet and sexy Zach Quinto.!!
    This film have to get an OSCAR!!!!


    1000000000000000000000000000000000 kisses from germany^^ :hearts: :hearts: :love: :yup: :)

  • kathy

    oh yes im from germany and im 17 years old!!!! Im the biggest star trek -fan who ever lived!!!!^^^^^^ (: @@

  • Kikki

    I’m a big Star Trek Fan and was very sceptical about this new crew. But I was also curious. On Sunday I was in the cinema. I’m coming from Germany. And I was fascinated, especially from Zachary. He made a great job in the film.
    Tomorrow I’ll go again in the cinema. And this time I’ll look the film in english. :yup:

  • rachael

    just wow!
    you WILL cry before the tilte comes up btw!! its enevitable, sorry.
    But its also really funny and the effects are totally mind blowing. :roll:
    Zach’s performance? :hearts:
    I seriously doubt any actor.. except from lenord haha.. could have done as good a job as he did! he really was a fantastic spock! :sexy:

  • Pam Louise

    I was changed after I watched this movie. I walked into the theater not realizing how good Quinto was going to be in the movie. Spock is a very complex character, and Zachary pulled it off. I loved the romance between him & Zoe (Uhura). Also, I wanted to add, you can really tell that Spock & Kirk are going to be grrrreat friends. ^_^ o.O I smell bromance, do you?

    I loveeeeee Zachary Quinto! :hearts:

  • Jenny

    I was a mere slip of a girl when Trek came out in the mid 60’s. I didn’t invent the phrase, but I’ve always believed that Spock is the thinking woman’s sex symbol. When I saw the new movie, it was like seeing old friends after a very, very long time. Zachary, thanks for allowing me to see one of the “loves of my life” once again.

    Your portrayal was spot on and more. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

  • Alexandra

    I saw the movie last night with some friends. I’m not a Treky so I wasn’t sure I would even enjoy the movie, but I thought that if I didn’t then I would at least have Chris Pine to look at right? But as the movie got further into it I fell in love with Zach’s character Spock. I loved the movie and loved Chris aswell but by far Zach stood out and took my heart. And man that vocab!!! HOT! I like a boy with a brain ;)

  • Eric

    Went to the 7:00 pm premier and was not diappointed. It surpassed everything I thought it would be, I wasn’t expecting much but it made me feel like an idiot for not realizing how amazing it was.

    I was fortunate, I’d never seen Zachary Quinto in Heroes for me, so my viewership of him wasn’t jaded by his character and he enveloped Spock well.

    Great film.

  • Dindiqotu

    Absolutely loved the film. Can’t name one flaw – and Zack was mindblowing.
    I saw it with a friend before the weekend at the IMAX, pretty much anticipating a mediocre sci-fi. We were both blown away, and although the rest of the cast were perfect for their roles, Zach definitely stole the show. Saw it for the second time today with my mother, who was also very impressed (that’s a bit of a hard job with mum!).
    Will probably see it once or twice more in the coming month!

  • Heidi


  • Mary

    Zach did a great job in ST. Loved the romance!!!

  • TBird

    Well, I must admit that being a staunch trekkie fan for many many years – I was a little skeptical about seeing the new Star Trek Movie. It was really only the fact that Zachery Quinto was cast as Spock (as I am a very dedicated Heroes fan too.) that I decided to go and see it.

    I was absolutely blown away! Bursting into action from the first minute, the action intensity and the actors themselves where instantly captivating.

    I am definately going to see it again and my only problem with the movie as a whole is that my kids are still too young to watch it and experience a little of what I have enjoyed for decades.

    Thank-you Zach for bringing the much loved character of Mr Spock into the 21st century.


  • Elly

    The movie was awesome!
    I came into this movie, not being a major fan of any of the actors and not knowing about anything Star Trek and walked out feeling great!!
    Zach was brilliant – absolutely brilliant…and because of this performance I am a fan now!
    (I knew him from Heroes and I watch it religiously but I never thought much of him…that’s changed now!!)

  • Angel

    Seen it 4 times so far…yes I’m a bit obsessive but it’s Zach as Spock! Two of my fav things in one:-)
    The movie stands up to multiple viewings too, which is not always the case.
    Zach was a fantastic Spock and with Nimoy, completely stole the movie. I knew Zach was great at nuances in his expressions from watching him as Sylar and this movie just cements what a great ACTOR he is.
    Loved it!

  • gayle

    :hearts: so far I have seen it 3 times and I love it so much I’m going to go a fourth!
    Zachary as Spock :sexy: he was fabulous as I have been a Spock fan since practically birth I was not sure how he would do but he completely blew my mind! he made my favourite character Sexy, Funny, Logical, Emotional, Tender the list goes on and Karl Urban and Zachary got the relationship between the characters perfect!
    Then you have Chris Pine who made an awesome Kirk ( I didn’t like Shatners too smarmy) but Chris got it brilliantly.
    I even managed to turn my daughter into a reluctant trekker! so that proves just how good it is so if you haven’t seen it yet, you must go it will make you cry, laugh and sigh it has everything you could want in a film and a superb cast where not one person lets the film down!!! Go now!!!!!! :hearts:

  • Diana

    I saw the movie just yesterday and it was great! All my expectations after reading comments about the movie came true! The actors did a great job, because I think its a hard job to step in the footsteps of the “original” Star Trek crew!
    Best wishes all the way from the Netherlands!

  • fui

    I don’t know why, but Star Trek as of June 2nd, 2009 hasn’t been on the theater yet. I’m waiting. Fortunately (I’m a bit ashamed to confess here), I’ve seen the pirated version. That makes me even want to see it more on the theater, and drag few friends with me. Anyway, this movie is totally awesome, and I find it hard to take my eyes off of Spock. Zachary Quinto really makes Spock the only person from another planet that many of us wouldn’t mind to marry.
    Apart from that the movie has really great action and storyline. A standing ovation to both Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine for their awesome talent. Two thumbs up for everyone who made this movie available! No piracy anymore, I’ll buy the original for sure and watch it over and over again.

  • Shell

    I loved Star Wars…opps I mean Star Trek. No just kidding!
    It was Ah-mazing, really it surpassed all my expectations, which I hadnt even raised too high. Quinto was an amazing Spock. My favourite part was the little alien thing that served on that Arctic planet with Simon Pegg. My friends and I fondly dubbed him Mr. Poo because he looks like…well he looked like dried…dog poo lols.
    But we love him really, it made us sad when Mr. Poo was sad because he was left behind with future Spock. Sad Mr. Poo…

    Thumbs up! Id totally see it again.

  • Livia Dai

    I think Zachary has done a very impressive job! This is my first time watching Star trek, and I’m totally amazed by it.By the way, I do like Spock!

  • Miranda

    Hi!! I just have watched it once but… I’m eager to watch it again!! :D
    The special effects are simply awesome!! I loved the music, it’s beautiful.
    And what to say about the story itself! A worthy reborn of the original series, and I dare to say, the other movies.
    I liked the new actors, (specially Zachary ;D), every one of them gives it’s character a personality of it’s own. God, I’m recommending it to all my friends!!!

  • Where to begin? The entire crew and supporting actors were perfectly cast. The story line flowed, you cared about ALL of the characters, the comedy was dead on and the ending left you drooling on the floor for more. I do not watch much TV, so the character of Sylar was unknown to me, but the accolades that need to be bestowed on Mr. Quinto are countless. As a ST fan from my childhood in the 70’s, I believe transitioning the iconic character of Mr. Spock onto a new actor has a much heavier burden of responsibility than any other ST member. Honestly, I had to see this movie again immediately following my first showing just to take in how flawlessly Mr. Quinto nailed it. My favorite scene: Kirk slapping Spock on the arm and his response…fell out of my chair – twice – so far. The lead up was completely false. This movie was about Spock, plain and simple. Kudos to you Zachery Quinto, I look forward to seeing much more of your work in the near future. Have a nice day. :)

  • Emma

    Star Trek was awesome! I’ve seen some old Star Trek movies before I saw the new one because otherwise I wouldn’t have known anything about it.. and the new Star Trek movie is so much better. I watched it only because of Zach, but it was so good, that even if he wouldn’t have been in it, I still would’ve watched it.
    But anyway, Zach did an amazing job! He really proved that he’s the best actor ever. And I must say that Chris Pine was really really good too.
    And I loved that they used Beastie Boys song “Sabotage” in it, that was so cool.