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10 May, 2009

Zachary, Chris and Leonardo Nimoy just made an appearance on Saturday Night Live last night, on Weekend Update!!

Edit: Caps are now up. To view the video, click in the thumbnail.

6 Comments on “Zach, Chris and Nimoy on SNL “Weekend Update”

  1. gertiebeth

    Oh, that was great! Thanks for this, I missed it. :)

  2. Luciana

    I can imagine, I don’t think it was previously announced. ;)

  3. Rachel

    I tuned in entirely by chance, I really dislike Justin Timberlake but do enjoy the “Weekend Update” section. You can imagine my shock when I turned on SNL and the weekend update was not only playing but he was announcing Zachary and Chris! I was so delighted!!!
    Thanks for the video Luciana! Your site is so incredible!! I check it daily!

  4. Decio Carretta

    Fantastic! . . My entire family love your job first all Heroes Season then now, we really your trek experience, All my family see this StarTrek 2009 at least 2 times!!! (I really four) – We are from Brazil, and lives in Brasilia – capital

  5. Luciana

    Decio, eu tbm sou do Brasil. :bye:

  6. calvin

    i missed the show, glad i found this clip
    because NBC doesn’t let Canadians watch stuff online no more. boo.

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