Zach wants to host SNL

Zach on SNL!

In his latest blog post, Zachary told about his wish hosting Saturday Night Live:

and i welcome all of your support in this matter – the simple fact remains: i must host saturday night live imminently. we’re working on it. to be sure.

So, Sarmy made a petition to help in this, and this post is to ask you: SIGN IT! Zach is a terrrific comedian, and it will be great to see him hosting the show.

  • Cynthia

    i dont usually watch SNL but i sure will when we hosts it!

  • i put my vote in and i know their are a lot of people putting the world out!
    so hope to see you on SNL soon! fingers crossed! =] :blush:

  • amb

    Would love to see host SNL

  • hannah


  • Shannon

    If Zachary was on SNL it would be an amazing episode. I’ll be waiting for it.

  • OMG!! I would love for zachary to host SNL!!! (:

  • Zachary Q. would be awesome on SNL :D

  • Ashley

    I love Zachary Quinto and it would be awesome for him to host SNL

  • Daniell

    Please let zach host Saturday night live!! It would be an amazing episode!!!!!! :)

  • Maddie

    He would be awesome hosting SNL! :)

  • Rhonda Black

    I think he would do a great job! I will definitely watch when he hosts the show.

  • Gigi


  • tasha

    Yes!Yes!Yes! :)

  • Emma

    I would love for Zachary quinto to host SNL! YES!YES!YES! :)

  • John

    Yes :)

  • Cat


  • Coraline

    That would be great!!!

  • Sheila

    He must host SNL…it’s an evolutionary imperative…

  • :blush: i know Zach can win ,no he will win :hearts:

  • Zach will win cause i wont have any reason to watch SNL X(

  • Katie

    Zachary Quinto and SNL….YES!!!!! XD
    Zach is a very good character actor and would fit in flawlessly along the SNL cast, he’s got that spontaneous comical side to him that mimics the witty humor of SNL :D Best scenario: Doing a Digital Short with Andy Samberg! It’d be the greatest thing since Laser Cats!!

  • Chris

    Yes go host that show :sexy:

  • Meg

    I also hardly ever watch SNL, but if he hosted it? :blush: I’d watch it and wouldn’t stop squeeling the whole time, much to my family’s dismay… :hearts: :love: :hearts: :love:

  • I’m from China er^^^ And i’m a high school student So it’s hard for me to read this But l really love Sylar And want to take part in this activity What a pity ………… So hope to have a chance to arrive at here^ (my English is poor Please forgive my grammar mistakes~~~

  • Laura J

    Zachary needs to host SNL!!! He’s so funny!!! I would watch SNL if he was on!!!

  • Nadia Burgess

    Oh yes definetly Zachary Quinto should do SNL, I would certainly watch it because of him. Plus he has a great sense of humor, not to mention easy on the eyes.