“Bouttoniere” on Edinburgh International Film Festival

A short film featuring Zachary Quinto, who plays the young Spock in the new “Star Trek” movie, will be shown at this month’s Edinburgh International Film Festival.

In “Boutonniere,” Quinto dons metal braces and slicks down his hair to play a shopkeeper who helps a timid girl and her overbearing mother search for a prom dress. Quinto, a friend of “Boutonniere” director Coley Sohn, had already completed “Star Trek” when the 11-minute film was shot last summer.

Sohn is talking to investors about developing a feature- length version of the film.

“He just let me put him in braces and horrible pants and shoes and he was just a great sport,” Sohn said in an interview. “I’m hoping, schedule permitting, he’ll be able to reprise his role.”

Source: Bloomberg.com