More MTV Movie Awards pictures

I have A LOT of new pictures to add here, but can’t find appropriate free time to sort and upload it. Really sorry about that, I’ll try to do it tomorrow.
But in between times, a few more HQ pictures of last night.

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  • Eric

    Honestly speculation here, but I wonder if it’s possible that they are dating? I know she loves older men and Zach is so hot right now it’s crazy. (Taps fingers) but they could genuinely just be friends.

  • Luciana

    Hey Eric.

    Well, I don’t think so. They’re good friends. But would be a lovely couple, for sure.

  • Eric

    Luciana, I don’t know about a lovely couple. I’m a 22 year old man and I can’t fathom ever dating a 19 year old, let alone a 20 year old, like she nearly is. Not to mention the 12 year age difference between them. But hey, she’s an adult woman so yeah, it’s her choice. Zach has always struck me as a man who likes women his own age and a bit more refined than Hayden. But who knows.

  • Luciana

    Eric, too much details, lol

  • Julianne

    I hope she isn’t or sorry to say it but she dies :P

  • ZachROCKS

    Isn’t she with Milo Ventimiglia anyway? But I don’t think they’re dating…I think he respects her very much as an actress and person, but I can’t imagine them to be a couple. But well, who am I to know or judge? He deserves the best, that’s for sure.

  • Luciana

    Sabrina, she and Milo aren’t together anymore.
    And I’m just like you, I think they’re friends, not more like this.

  • And I thought I am the only one who thought the pictures a bit, uhm, wired. I mean, she’s a bit too young, don’t you think? But nothing is impossible on the other hand. (Or maybe he was appointed by her parents to take care of her while being out at the party ;) )

  • Luciana

    Andrea, she dated Milo, who has the same age of Zach..

    But I really think that, even they look cute together, they’re REALLY just good friends.

  • Luciana

    Hey guys, just to let you know, I took the picture of Hayden and Zach down attending a special request from his management.

    Let’s continue focusing only in his career. :yes:

  • Brooklyn_Brimstone

    Zach strikes me as a very private person, so he probably won’t ever reveal/confirm if he’s ever dating someone in the industry or wherever. It’s just not his style to kiss and tell. People will always speculate about it, but we’ll never know for sure unless he, and he alone, decides to divulge. :)

  • Tam

    Luciana, I wonder if that means something….. they never asked for any pictures of him and Kristen to be taken down? Why a picture of him and Hayden?

  • Luciana

    Tam I think I didn’t explain it very well. They didn’t ask to take THIS picture in particular, but ask me to think about pictures taken by paparazzis. Actually the picture in question was the one taken in the LAX airport, while Zach was going to Mexico. I took down the picture of Zach and Hayden because I knew it was taken by a pap.