MTV Movie Awards audience

Here’s a picture of Zach in the show’s audience, while Bruno (the Sacha Baron Cohen alter ego) was falling, naked, into Eminem’s lap. LMAO!

Just Jared has the video, in case you missed, and wanna see Zach.

  • Miranda

    OMG! I watched the video…. that was friggin great!

  • J.

    Who is the woman with him ?
    the video is so funny btw.

  • ZachROCKS

    Haha Zachs reaction is so great^^ I also thought it was funny, there’s this HUGE discussion going on if the prank was going to far or whether Eminem knew about it before or not…I think it serves him right though. If he knew about it I have some newfound respect for him, that would really show that he can make fun of himself, but I guess he was really that pissed as he looked and can’t take a joke on his person at all. And Eminem always makes fun of others and is VERY rude.

  • ZachROCKS

    Did I mention how cute Zach looks btw?^^ But I guess you all know that ;-))

  • E.

    I love the expression on his face :hearts: he’s so nice he won’t even let himself laugh at Eminem’s suffering LOL

  • Luciana

    I didn’t saw the whole thing, just this video online. But I can understand Eminem, I guess even he knew about it, he wasn’t expecting do a 69 in public. LOL

  • Tam

    I think that is a seat filler, Perez Hilton twittered that it was his date BUT he came and left with Hayden and she was nowhere to be seen. She may also have been an industry person, a stranger, one of his agents….. they called her his “beard” and that Zach has a boyfriend.. so who the heck knows? The 2 of them didn’t indicate they knew each other except for sharing a laugh, I mean the screen caps is exactly the only interaction we saw.

  • Carolyn

    The fall HAD to be staged. If you saw someone falling on top of you, wouldn’t you just get out of the way? E. just sat there plus the angle – Bruno’s but in his face – was too perfect to be an accident. It was funny and good promotion for Bruno and E.

  • Carolyn

    Oh, forgot to say: Happy Birthday, Zach!