MTV Movie Awards Fashion 360º

The website has a section done in the red carpet last night, with a 360º photo of the celebrities, and they have Zach in the gallery. I took some captures, but you can view the picture at the MTV’s website. Thanks Melanie, for the heads up.

Talk Shows & Interviews » Other: MTV Movie Awards Fashion 360º screencaptures

Also, you probably noticed, there’s a new layout in the gallery. The previous one was temporary and I hope you like the new one.

  • ryan

    o god i love this site

  • Abigail

    I love his spontaneousness.

  • ZachROCKS

    THIS IS SOOO GREAT! So cute how he jumps… :hearts: On the MTV site they all talk about what’s in his back pocket^^ Because they all think it looks like a condom *lol* But why in the world should Zach bring a condom to the MTV Movie Awards? ^^ I have no idea what it is though…any guesses other than means of contraception?^^

  • Brooklyn_Brimstone

    ZachROCKS – Someone over at one of the Zach LiveJournal fanpages suggested that it might be a small tin of mints, and that it couldn’t be a condom cuz otherwise you’d see the outline of the wrapper as well. I suppose we’ll never know for sure though! ;)

  • Brooklyn_Brimstone

    Or maybe a tin of lip balm!
    I’m grasping at straws here aren’t I? :)

  • Love the new gallery layout! :yes:
    Hmm, maybe it’s cigarettes? I dunno. Does he smoke? Cell phone? lol.

  • Embry

    He does smoke (or he used to). They are lots of paparazzi pictures around the internet showing him smoking.

  • Yeah, he do. Or used to. I haven’t see pictures of him smoking lately, but as you said, I saw some not long time ago.

  • ZachROCKS

    Yeah I thought about cigarettes, too…and condom-shaped thing is maybe a lighter or sth^^ We’ll never know…Haha are we obsessed with him or what?