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01 Jun, 2009

The website has a section done in the red carpet last night, with a 360º photo of the celebrities, and they have Zach in the gallery. I took some captures, but you can view the picture at the MTV’s website. Thanks Melanie, for the heads up.

Talk Shows & Interviews » Other: MTV Movie Awards Fashion 360º screencaptures

Also, you probably noticed, there’s a new layout in the gallery. The previous one was temporary and I hope you like the new one.

9 Comments on “MTV Movie Awards Fashion 360º

  1. ryan

    o god i love this site

  2. Abigail

    I love his spontaneousness.

  3. ZachROCKS

    THIS IS SOOO GREAT! So cute how he jumps… :hearts: On the MTV site they all talk about what’s in his back pocket^^ Because they all think it looks like a condom *lol* But why in the world should Zach bring a condom to the MTV Movie Awards? ^^ I have no idea what it is though…any guesses other than means of contraception?^^

  4. Brooklyn_Brimstone

    ZachROCKS – Someone over at one of the Zach LiveJournal fanpages suggested that it might be a small tin of mints, and that it couldn’t be a condom cuz otherwise you’d see the outline of the wrapper as well. I suppose we’ll never know for sure though! ;)

  5. Brooklyn_Brimstone

    Or maybe a tin of lip balm!
    I’m grasping at straws here aren’t I? :)

  6. Brittnee

    Love the new gallery layout! :yes:
    Hmm, maybe it’s cigarettes? I dunno. Does he smoke? Cell phone? lol.

  7. Embry

    He does smoke (or he used to). They are lots of paparazzi pictures around the internet showing him smoking.

  8. Luciana

    Yeah, he do. Or used to. I haven’t see pictures of him smoking lately, but as you said, I saw some not long time ago.

  9. ZachROCKS

    Yeah I thought about cigarettes, too…and condom-shaped thing is maybe a lighter or sth^^ We’ll never know…Haha are we obsessed with him or what?

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