New interview with Zach and Chris

Urbanite has posted an interview with Chris and Zach, and I added it to our press archive.

Considering both of your prior credits, do you think continuing the Star Trek legacy will boost your career in any way or help it?

Zachary Quinto: Well considering it’s my first film…I imagine that it probably will. I hope. I don’t know. I mean I come from mostly a television background. So the fact that my first movie is you know a $160 million tent pole I think that’s a good – that’s a good way to get into it you know? But yeah, I mean in the success a movie this big I think will have hopefully a positive impact on – on where both of us go and where all of us go as actors. I think everybody in this film is phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal at what they do and what they bring to it. So – so the hope is that people will feel the same way and we’ll get to do other stuff down the line.

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