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09 Jun, 2009

Last night Zach (and his co-star Zoe Saldana) attended Sean Patterson birthday party. Sean is Wilhelmina Model’s president.

Public Appearances » 2009: Wilhelmina Model`s President Sean Patterson Hosts Star-Studded Birthday

6 Comments on “Sean Patterson Birthday Party

  1. Tam

    Just wanted to check on the date. If the party was last night, Zach was already taping Heroes that morning… according to buckshotwon (Adrian Pasdar)

    Not that it matters, but according to Just Jared the party was last week when he was in LA, he got back on Sunday from NYC/!

  2. Tam

  3. Silvia

    Would it be too quick to say that based on him going to a party with zoey in mexico and now this one, maybe they’re dating?
    He’s always had that gay rumor but who knows
    or maybe he swings the bat both ways :P

  4. mata

    Silvia, Zoe is dating Keith Britton since many, many years and as far as I know they’re still an item. :) Zach and Zoe were friends long before Star Trek, according to himself, so I’m sure they’re just that. :D

  5. Brooklyn_Brimstone

    Honey – he swings *every* way!
    J/k…I have no idea, but I heard that line in a movie once and just wanted to use it!

  6. Silvia

    but they would look quite lovely together..

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