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07 Jul, 2009

Things are pretty quiet on Quintoland, that’s the reason we don’t have so much updates lately.

Thanks again to Andreas, I added a personalized promotional of Heroes, but this time of Season 3.

Heroes Season 03 » Personalized Promo: Screencaptures | Watch Video

This captures are so gorgeous, so if you want to make some icons and donate to us, I won’t complain… 8)

11 Comments on “Another “Heroes” Promo

  1. BJ

    thought this might bee relevant to your interests

  2. Ira

    Oh I hate this haircut on Mr. Quinto :( He had a great one in Heroes Season 1, or better yet when promoting Star Trek ( Why do they do it to him?

  3. ZachROCKS

    The video link doesn’t work – it could be a problem only I have, but maybe you could check it again? I would love to see the video!
    As always, thank you for your many many updates on Zach’s work and all the gorgeous pictures and vids! You’re doing such a great job with this website, I come by several times a day! :o)

  4. June WANG

    I have been concerned about this web site, as is often able to see the contents of the excellent. This video is amazing! :hearts: :hearts:

  5. juliana

    loved the ‘Quintoland’ thing UAHEUHAUEHAUEHUAHEU

  6. Luciana

    ZachROCKS, it was an server issue, but it’s working now. Sorry for the downtime.

  7. K

    Thanks for posting this. Also I notice Entertainment Weekly online has a poll with him in it for hot summer sci-fi guy just wanted to let folks now they can vote for him there.

  8. sylerfangirl

    man i just started watching heroes not too long ago and i just finished season 1 and now starting season 2 OMG! one of my favorite shows ever and i love Zachary Quinto he’s so adorable. i Love his character syler. <3 man hes one sexy guy :)

  9. sylerfangirl

    btw i love you’re site so much <3 i love zach

  10. christo

    Haha that was cute. Raving Rabbids <3

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