Heroes Panel @ Comic-Con 2009

This is the first picture of Zach on Heroes Panel today, thanks to Next On Heroes. Be sure to check it for full coverage of today.

More pictures will be added as soon I have access to it.

Edit: Zap2it has posted about the Heroes panel. You can read the full article here.

Zach Quinto as Sylar – “My character is in two places. One is with [Nathan] physically and the other place is in Matt Parkman’s head. I’m messing with his mind, giving him a taste of his own medicine … I also got to work with a baby. That was really fun. And I got to climb up out of the grave, which was also fun.”

Quinto also was asked who’d win between Spock and Sylar: “I think that honestly in the end Spock will have to take it because ultimately he’s fighing for good.” As for Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy? “Leonard in one round. Leonard would drop me in about 30 seconds.”

  • Thank you so much for posting this picture! I’ve been dying to see all 3 of my boys and they are sitting together!!

    Love you Adrian, Zach, and MILO!!! :love:

  • Luciana

    I’ve been dying too, Rosy. The pictures are too late today.