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19 Jul, 2009

Zach attended last night the reception for Jessica Lange’s exhibition of 50 Photographs 1992-2008 at the Rose Gallery, in Santa Monica. Thanks to Cinzia for the heads up!

Added HQ pictures to the gallery:

Public Appearances » 2009: Jessica Lange: 50 Photographs 1992-2008′ at The Rose Gallery, July 18

6 Comments on “Jessica Lange: 50 Photographs 1992-2008 Reception

  1. ZachROCKS

    Cute outfit…that hat again^^
    Whose the younger blonde?

  2. Uli

    i wiash i could meet him and hang out and pick his brain. i saw him at a bar in silverlake and i jist coldn’t do it. hopefully ii’ll run into him again and this time i won’t chicken out

  3. Uli

    It sucks when ur screen is 2 inches big and make all kinds of typos. Sorry. does anyone know where Zach’s last name is from?

  4. Ira

    Uli: Italian. His dad was of Italian descent.

  5. ZachROCKS

    Yeah, his last name is Italian and means “The Fifth”, as far as I know. He is from Italian and Irish descent.

  6. juliana

    yeah in portuguese ‘quinto’ means ‘fifth’ too.

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