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16 Jul, 2009

Added more pictures, including arriving and backstage, from last night. Can’t find any video yet, but maybe because the show wasn’t aired yet. Will be televised Sunday, July 19 at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN/ESPN HD.

Public Appearances » 2009: 17th ESPY Awards, July 15

@greggrunberg: Took 2 of my boys to set last night. Dinner with Zach. Really great time. Love having my boys hanging on set with me.

:heart: greg!

3 Comments on “More “ESPY” Awards

  1. Rachel

    Damn! That boy looks good! :blush:

  2. ZachROCKS

    Ah, gorgeous as always…
    Greg Grunberg, yay! *g* All of the Heroes Cast seem like such nice people! Man, I wish I could meet them someday…especially Zach of course^^
    Speaking of Heroes Cast: Happy 29th Birthday, Kristen Bell!!!

  3. obsessivezachdisorder

    Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will so try and watch it tonight! If I don’t….well, sorry ZQ, but I will make it up to you by watching it sometime else, like on YouTube or something. Anyway, nice suit! :hearts: :love: :heart: :bye: I will be cheering for ZQ when he comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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