Heroes: Volume Five Extended Preview

It’s out a 6 minutes preview of Redemption, with the scenes of Comic-Con preview and some additionals. Thanks to Andreas, as always.

You can watch the video, and check the captures added to the gallery. Of course, there’s spoilers.

Heroes » Season 04: Volume Five: Redemption Extended Preview Screencaptures

  • Heidi

    Hey! This preview is amazing I really want it on my computer so I can watch over and over again so is there anyway u can email it to me or put it on youtube? Thanks!!

  • Kimberly.

    Wow. Can’t wait. It looks REALLY good ;) :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

  • Ira

    Looks like it’s going to be awesome! Looking forward to it :yes:

  • Zapina

    Love Sylar in season 4 !!!

    And startin’ to don’t like Claire ;/ I just don’t want HER to be lesbian… X(

  • Morgan

    Oh my god! This looks incredible! I’m stoked. And I agree with the first comment, can this be put on youtube or something?

  • Luciana

    I think it’s already on youtube, just search for “Redemption extended preview”.

  • Ana

    omg, that baby looked scared as hell!!
    i wish i was that baby Zack was carrying….