Spectacular Sunday Finale at Star Trek Convention.

The finale of the 2009 Las Vegas “Star Trek” convention was an amazing day.

I spent the whole day in the “Gene and Majel Roddenberry Theatre (now once more, the Barron Room.)

The first guest was the new Mr. Spock, Zachary Quinto. Zachary is eloquent and funny. He seems like a very warm young man. He certainly is good on-stage with no script (some actors aren’t.)

He fielded questions from the audience about his part in J.J. Abrams “Star Trek”. How he found out he got the part, (in bed.) What he thought about his fellow actors in the new film (he made jokes about Chris Pine.) It looks like there will be another “Spock, Kirk” competition.

One particularly funny and warm moment was when a fan tried to get her question out and could only babble and cry. She ended up with a hug from Zachary. (I can cry….) Read more

  • Zapina

    Oh Gosh, so sweet. I wish he huged me to 🙁

  • Charli

    Wow, all this sounds like an exciting experience!
    Shatner and Nimoy on stage together talking about ST. So cool! I’m so happy for everyone who could be there!
    I wish I can go to Vegas Star Trek con one day, too.

  • Zapina

    BTW, it’s the best funsite of him in whole Web 8|