VegasCon 09 – Full report

TrekMovie has a big review about the Star Trek Vegas Con, with lot of pictures and finally something more on what Zach said.

Do you remember one of my posts when I said about a girl which cannot make her question to Zach, and he gave her a hug? Here’s the picture:

Zach & Fan at Trek Con

Zach, you’re adorable! :hearts:

Commenting a bit about what he said, he didn’t like where his character of Sylar went in the 2nd season, but felt the writers found his roots again in the third and he likes the new direction for the character in the upcoming fourth season. He expect Heroes to be his last TV series for a while, and he wants to focus on films and the theater, noting that his next big announcement will be a return to the stage.

To read the full report, go to TrekMovie, and check a lot more of pictures here.

  • oh..lucky girl! I’m really really happy for her! Zach is really adorable! A wonderful man and a great actor! I think it’s impossible don’t love him! ?

  • Zapina

    Cinzia, not impossible… it’s just WRONG to not love Zachary Quinto!!!

  • Amber Marie

    I’m really happy for the girl in the pic that’s just awesome but the sucky thing for me is i live in vegas about 15 minutes away from where the convention was and i still couldn’t make it! lol x.

  • eric




    The look on that girls face is SO HILARIOUS.

    Her heart is just swelling with hope.

    She’s more precious than that little girl who cried because of Sanjaiah….or however his name is spelled.

  • Alice

    Noooooooooo! I live in Vegas too and I’m crying now because I didn’t get the chance to go. I had no idea he was going to even be here!