Zachary Quinto Teams Up with Stride Gum to Save the Arcades

Zachary Quinto and STRIDE launch “Save the Arcades” on August 19, 2009 at Video West Arcade, a local Glendale arcade. “Save the Arcades” focuses on saving an endangered and beloved species – the arcade. STRIDE recently learned that the long lasting tradition of arcade gaming was in jeopardy when multiple iconic arcades were in danger of closing. With its long-standing commitment of supporting the gaming community, STRIDE decided to take action and support the passions of their chewers.

As a longtime fan of arcades, Zachary will be on hand to help STRIDE raise awareness for this important cause and keep the dream alive for gamers everywhere. He will pose for photographs, interact with employees and go head-to-head with local consumers on classic arcade games.

The event kicks off the “Save the Arcades” campaign in which STRIDE will feature profiles of four iconic arcades from around the country on the “Save the Arcades” website, Consumers can visit the site and play an arcade-style video game, with their points scored benefitting the featured arcade of their choice. At the end of the campaign, the arcade that has earned the most points, as determined by participating consumers, will be declared the winner and receive $25,000 courtesy of STRIDE gum.

To further kick off the campaign, STRIDE also recently saved an arcade! After STRIDE discovered that a Philadelphia-area arcade (Challenge Arcade) was within days of closing down, they decided to help by providing $10,000 to ensure that Challenge will stay in business and continue to offer gaming goodness, world record events and tournaments to the community.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Media Check-in: 10:30 am
Event Begins: 11:00 am

Video West Arcade
212 S Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91204

Source: IGN