More “Hostage”

The outtake from Hostage posted here before was removed, in respect to Rachel Harris. See here what Neal has posted:

Hello community. Just wanted to let you know that we took down the “Rachael Harris Meltdown” video this morning, as you saw. We didn’t take it down because it was generating controversy (in fact for the 25,000 hits it received before being pulled, it had over 85% “funny” clicks) – comedy is subjective, especially if it involves a video with someone seemingly screaming obscenities at a baby. We took it down because Rachael Harris asked us to. Plain and simple. Rachael is amazing, and we had a great time working with her, so we took it down, as funny as it was. ANd for the record – the baby wasn’t on the receiving end of all the screaming and swearing, it was just made to look that way. He was happy as a clam the entire time. If you see the video reposted on youtube, do us a favor and request that it be removed (after you watch it… shhhh…).

A true outtakes video for HOSTAGE is still coming next week, featuring ZQ and Roberta. It’ll make you chuckle – we promise.

– Neal & the guys

  • Heidi

    Is this real? Did she really blow up at that baby and ZACH!!!! NO ONE TALKS TO ZACHARY LIKE THAT!!!!!!!

  • Luciana


    No honey. Isn’t real. But she’s good, isn’t she?

  • Katie

    That was the funniest thing ever! Totally loved it when she yelled at Zach! XD He almost lost it at the end of it. lol That baby was so cute! :D Great vid!