Heroes: “Strange Attractors” screencaptures

Hello, Mr Parkman! Then did you think that you were the clever one here, huh?
This episode was made of awesome! We’ve got pretty much evetything. Naked!Sylar, Drunk!Sylar, Carnival!Sylar, and Awesome!Sylar. @@

The last Sylar scene is remarkable. I’m trying to be spoiler free, so I didn’t even imagined. It’s 2:30am and I caught myself shouting when I noticed what had happened. Great job, Zach and Greg!

I’ve added 280+ HQ screencaptures to the gallery. Enjoy!

Heroes > Season Four > Screencaptures > 4×07 – “Strange Attractors”

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    you walked into my dream,
    and take away my heart.