Site: Answering Email Questions

Do you know why I paid attention to Zachary at first place? I’m so about villains, and when I saw him on Heroes, he just got my attention. I find his act so good, trustful… it was a new face to me, and I decided to search more about the guy. And I discovered a very talented actor, someone that is really a plus.

Do you know how did I became his fan? When I’ve started to “follow” him. You know, read or watch his interviews, and with this, being able to know a little more about his personality, his way of life, and some chooses he do. One of this chooses is fight for that he think it’s needed, being part of several charity events without thinking if will generate gossips. He won my heart with this.

Since yesterday I’ve been receiving some emails asking about gossips. This was answered once and now it will be the last time, and I’m just doing it because this site was been accused in a well-known forum of supporting gossips about Zachary’s personal life. If you’re a frequent visitor, you already know about: I don’t post here gossipy notices, or paparazzi pictures. I’m here to talk about Zachary’s career. And I don’t post it here because I don’t care about it. It’s not of my business and it should not be YOUR business. His private life is his private life, he can go out dressed like Ronald McDonald to do grocery shopping, if he’s not working, it’s not of my business. Reading a little bit about Zach, is easy to know that he’s a very private person. Why a ‘supposed to be’ fansite would treat him different?

I’m sorry for the little vent. But I think it’s time to change the track. It’s always the same… first I’ve answered this on each emails I received, than I decided to ignore it. Now, it was posted in a place which I do not have access. Well, it’s answered. Thanks for your time, and sorry again.

  • random visitor

    You know what I think that happened? Somebody probably confused your site with which posts paparazzi pics regularly.

  • Luciana

    I don’t think so, because Mata also doesn’t post gossips.

  • BJ

    i think its possible that your site was confused with which post pap shot and gossip regularly.

  • I don’t know what happend and where and honestly I don’t care, I’m just sorry for you for this awful situation. Anyway, what you wrote above is the main reason why I love this site so much! keep up your amazing work here Lu and thanks for everything!!! About being a Zach fan, I can quote everything you said!

  • ZachRocks

    I love that you leave Zach’s private life out of here, it’s really only his business and not ours. As much as I love him and would love to know everything about him, I respect his privacy and hate the fact how paparazzi HUNT people down and invade into people’s private life. Also everykind of stupid gossip is totally unnecessary. So thank you for running the site as brilliantly as you are doing it right now, keep up the good work, you have my full support!

  • lea

    I’m a relatively new Zach fan and this is the only website i visit because of the fact that you don’t post gossip here. I totally agree with you on the fact that his private life should be kept that way. So keep up your good work and thanks for everything you do; i know it must take a reasonable amount of your time, so know it’s very appreciated!! Thanks again!! =)

  • Luciana

    Thanks so much guys for the support.

    And about other Zach sites, I really DON’T think the person who mention the site had confused with other one. Mata post candids but she’s also so respectful regarding gossips, and very picky about posting paparazzi pictures. Same with Jasmine. Not posting candids here was my choice after reading one of his interviews, but I’m real not blaming other Zach sites who post it.

    My disagree is total about gossip sites (and I think you all know which sites are), that have comments enabled. Some people which comment on this sites are sick. And the rumours they spread run all over the internet as true. I don’t want my site being pointed as one of this trash websites.