The 100 sexiest movie stars

Empire just did a list with the 100 sexiest movie stars and, of course, Zachary is listed. Under #39, but of course, 62% of visitors thinks this is an unfair position. :yup:

Check below the screen of Empire’s page, with the Zach’s sexiest qualifications:


  • Ira

    Yeah, I love the description :) I mean – it’s true!

  • ZachRocks

    The description is true, yes^^ First yummy serial killer EVER *GGG*
    But we all know he is in fact the sexiest man alive – numero uno. Nothing else. ‘Nuff Said.

  • Luciana

    Of course. Top Ten at least!

  • Kip

    So glad to see him beat Pine but neither are in the right places! So wrong!

  • Katie

    Totally should have been in the top ten. :hearts: I’d love to see him play the banjo :) So sexy!!!!!!

  • Kath

    he’s the number 1!!!!!!!! :hearts: :hearts:

  • Ele é muito lindo, meu ator preferido de Heroes!

  • lavasoul

    #39?? that’s quite low… but in sexiest ‘movie star’ list…
    well, he got only one movie…(actually really big one..^^)
    I think that’s a great start…still not satisfying to me.

  • Coryanne

    hmm…I suppose 39 is not a bad number out of 100, but honestly, I personally cannot think of even ONE movie star who is sexier than Zach, let alone a whole 38! lol.