Heroes: The rumours are true

As previously discussed here, check the cut-tag to read more about the confirmation of this rumours.

According to Nikki Finke at Deadline.com, Adrian Pasdar is the fired actor from Heroes, the subject of Ausiello’s blind item.

Even if wasn’t a surprise ( for me it was a shock last season, when Sylar killed him), I really love Nathan. And I think there still plenty of story left for him. I’m pretty bored with some other characters, and it’s sad see him go. Also, shame on you, producers. Firing him without a talk first? That’s bad.

I’ll miss you Nathan. :heart:
Good luck, Adrian!

  • Ira

    Yeah, his scenes with Hiro were hilarious.

  • Angel

    I’m with you that other characters could have gone instead…Claire anyone? I’ll miss Nathan too!

  • StephJP

    Adrian came back tonight!! I was so pleased to see him again, he’s great at adding that extra twist to the plot.