Meet Zachary Quinto and Noah

Will you be in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 21, and would you like to help abandoned and unwanted animals?

The event, Hollywood Least Wanted 3D, is meant to raise funds and awareness of the rise of the abandoned animal in Los Angeles County due to the current mortgage crises. The event features 3D photographs of caged animals, taken by artist Rachel Schneidler (who is also putting on the event) with her customized 3D camera pictured above. Anaglyph technologies are used to create the photographs.

Furthermore, Zachary Quinto (Young Spock in Star Trek) is the honorary guest along with his dog Noah. Other celebrities are expected to attend as well with their dogs.

Staged at the Rivera & Rivera gallery in downtown Los Angeles, the event is catered to raise funds via raffle tickets as well as to serve as an animal adoption fair. One hundred percent of raffle ticket sales and fifty percent of the proceeds from the sale of artwork will go towards the Department of Animal Services.

RSVP by buying a raffle ticket and check out the prizes here.

  • Albert.S

    hey zach,i know you dont know me, im one of your newest Fans. i just finished watching heroes season 1 and i loved it. im starting to watch season 2 now, and im very glad that your character is alive in the series as i watch it.your a great actor, and i hope someday we may cross Paths. -Albert