New-Old video promoting Star Trek

So, here’s the deal. Mel send me this video, it’s a 18 minutes interview to a French program television, back in May when the guys was promoting Star Trek. Zach, Chris and Zoe are super cute on the video, but there’s a horrible french voiceover covering their own voices (Hello, they never heard about subtitles?).

I’ve uploaded the video anyway, and did some caps for you.

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Talk Shows & Interviews > News Segments > Face to Face – France – May 4, 2009

  • frenchie

    XD Ok Im french, so I understand all of it.. and wow I cant help but laugh. Is it really so hard to say Chris Pine (among other things…)? come on its only 2 syllables… “kriiisss Piiiinn” rofl…

  • Luciana


  • Frenchie#2

    I think the worst part of the interview is the accent of the interviewers. They could have used people who knows how to speak english, and not just gibberish. It must have been so hard for them to understand !

  • lonepolkadot

    Oh lord, that interview just oozed awkward… XD Even more so when you understand french.

  • I just wish they’d used subtitles. They’re not Germans, so why put voice-overs on it? ;)

  • Flame

    Plus sexy? AGREED!

  • Maverick-Werewolf

    YIKES! No English version anywhere?

  • cici

    err….can somebody tell me what Zachary say about dogs? Coz I’m really curios….please ^^
    Thanx x.

  • Tam

    Zach I do believe said dogs are more independent and stand offish.