EXCLUSIVE: Zachary Quinto Tunes Up For Spielberg’s Gershwin

Deadline Hollywood – Since he dropped out of Harvey, Steven Spielberg’s first project under the reconstituted DreamWorks has been a subject of much speculation. Now I hear who’s at the center of the director’s biopic of George Gershwin, which DreamWorks acquired last fall. It’s Zachary Quinto — Sylar in the NBC drama-fantasy Heroes, and Spock in the JJ Abrams-directed megapic Star Trek. Quinto will play the famed composer and pianist, who with brother Ira was responsible for more than a dozen Broadway shows before dying at 38. DreamWorks is even supplying accent and dialogue coaches for Quinto, and shooting could begin as soon as April. Doug Wright wrote the script, and Marc Platt and singer/pianist Michael Feinstein are producing. A DreamWorks insider says this is one of 3 projects Spielberg is looking at for his next piccause he’s anxious to get back to work. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an announcement later this week.

Zach in a Spielberg movie? YES! YES! YES!

  • Kris

    very nice!

  • lina

    I can’t help watching zachary’s another brilliant performance.I’m looking forward to it very much. 🙂

  • Nathania

    I am beyond excited!!!!!!!! I love biopics!

  • Ashley

    Yay! You know I love pretty much everything Zach has done, he always picks smartly and even some of his early less substantial parts have good elements to them. But I am anxious to see Zach add to his roster with some non-scifi/fantasy projects. We’ve seen him do some good stage work and Before The Door is going well but I want to see him on screen in some other genres. This is a great start!

  • Kyra

    Omg yay!!! Is this why Heroes Season 4 is ending in February, so Sylar doesn’t have to be written out of any episodes?

  • ZachRocks

    OMG!!! THIS IS SOOOO GREAT! He always makes such amazing choices with his roles…and Spielberg?? Unbelievable!

    @Kyra: It’s not official yet that Heroes will be canceled, as far as I know. (Let’s hope it’s not!!!) Also, they wouldn’t be shooting in April anyway, they normally start again in August, or July, so Zach would have enough time to finish the movie.

  • I really do hope that this movie will be made, I think playing a great and genius character like Gershin will be amazing opportunity for ZQ, to show that he can do different things… and with Spielberg ? Wow !

  • Ms.Y

    Can’t wait to see this! Very excited!! Hope he won’t drop out of this project. Playing a Broadway composer biopic, interesting…and Spielberg’s as well. :hearts: 🙂

  • dixey

    This sounds like it has OSCAR written all over it. Music, bio-pic, a very talented and hot young actor and Speilberg. Way to go, Zach. :hearts: