New layout… again!

Wee, looks how nice, we have a new layout here.

I know it’s been a week (or less) from the last design, but it was driving me crazy to make all those thumbnails. Plus, I received some visitors emails telling me it was a beautiful but confusing design. So we’re back to ‘hey-that’s-a-cool-blog-layout’, with an ugly picture right on top. 😀

I tried to make it brighter, but let me know if it’s TOO bright. I like this colours, and I think it’s easier to read. To me, at least. Also, this layout has been tested with Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. It work fine in all three, but it looks better with Firefox. 😉

Updates are coming tomorrow, stay tuned!

Quick update: Our affiliates page has been updated, dead links was deleted. We won’t be accepting new affiliates for a while.

  • Samantha

    LOVE the new layout! very beautiful! Keep up the great work! 😐

  • Luciana this layot is simply amazing! you’re doing a great job, as usual, with this site! :hearts: